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Into the light: Solar suitcases power up Malawi’s maternal health

Judith Neilson Foundation - We Care Solar. WISEe-women-on-roof

In Malawi, where power is unreliable, many women have little choice but to deliver their babies in the dark in clinics, by candle and torchlight. Without electricity, simple health procedures become difficult, contributing to Malawi’s already poor maternal health outcomes.  
We Care Solar and the Judith Neilson Foundation are in partnership to deliver the ‘Light Every Birth’ initiative, providing health facilities across rural Malawi with access to solar energy. This includes the installation of Solar Suitcases, tailored for maternal health workers performing in challenging environments, installed by women technicians.   
Light Every Birth is set to transform healthcare for mothers and newborns across Malawi, granting health workers the ability to perform safely and confidently in well-lit facilities.

If you would like to learn more, please visit their website.

Photo credit 1: Giovanni Okut, in Uganda

Country: Malawi

Theme: Health  

Partner: We Care Solar

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