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The Judith Neilson Foundation partners with local organisations in Australia to uplift women and girls facing disadvantage.

We are committed to effecting positive change, particularly for those seeking asylum, First Nations women and girls, older single women, and women and girls in rural areas. Our aim is to support women to be safe, thrive, and contribute to a just and prosperous society.

In Australia we currently focus
on three areas /


Addressing disadvantage for women and girls in Sydney   

In Sydney our partnerships support women and their children experiencing homelessness, domestic, family and sexual violence, or those impacted by the criminal justice system. Our partners’ holistic services span across housing, employment, mental health, parenting, and allied services.


Legal support for vulnerable women

We invest in access to legal services tailored to meet the needs of the most vulnerable women. This ensures women escaping violence, at risk of homelessness, or in prison due to inadequate legal representation receive legal support, wherever and whenever they need it.


Investing in Northern Australia initiatives

In Northern Australia we will support community-led initiatives driven by and for First Nations women and girls doing excellent, innovative work to support women and girls experiencing some of the most acute disadvantage in our country.

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Economic equity

Economic advancement is the turnkey for disrupting entrenched disadvantage. We recognise that for women and girls to thrive, their foundational needs must first be addressed, particularly safety and shelter. The next step on their journey is access to economic opportunities. By fostering partnerships, we aim to ensure women and girls can access support that opens avenues to quality employment.


Stable housing is crucial for women’s security and employment. Secure housing allows women to face fewer disruptions, sustain employment more effectively, and provide a nurturing environment for their children. Through our partnerships, we aim to support women and their children in securing safe homes. This assistance is coupled with services like employment and parenting support, domestic violence counselling, and financial literacy programs.

Domestic, family and sexual violence

Domestic, family and sexual violence remains prevalent in Australia, predominantly affecting women and their children. We work in partnerships to break the cycle of violence, helping women regain stability and independence, while equipping them with the tools and resources they need to forge a safer future for themselves and their children.


Women are the fastest growing group in Australian jails. Most of these women have faced violence, abuse, poverty and entrenched disadvantage. Coming out of prison, they often encounter heightened risks of unemployment, homelessness, or unsafe home environments. Our partners are committed to supporting vulnerable women, providing the legal assistance and resources they need to navigate these challenges and address the underlying causes of their criminalisation.

Credit: Jes Linsday

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Partner spotlight /

Two Good Co.

Through the creation of beautiful, high-quality food and products, Two Good Co. support, empower and employ women with lived experience of domestic violence and homelessness, hiring the women from the shelters they donate to and empowering them to re-establish their self-belief and independence.

Our partnership with Two Good Co. helps to support women and girls who are experiencing intersecting disadvantage to be safe, thrive and contribute to a just and prosperous society. We invite you to learn more about their incredible work by visiting their website.

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