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Judith Neilson foundation partner - Comaco

Investing in Zambia’s small-scale farmers and wildlife conservation with COMACO

Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) creates partnerships with smallholder farmers across Zambia, combining conservation and sustainable farming practices to improve livelihoods and enhance their resilience against future shocks.

COMACO’s model incorporates agroforestry and market incentives, allowing for higher farming yields without chemical inputs and improving the capacity of farming cooperatives. This feeds into the production of COMACO’s ‘It’s Wild!’ food products, promoting nutrition and economic sustainability.

As a result, incomes are on the rise, food and nutrition security is improving, and wildlife is being revived in the Luangwa Valley and around Kafue National Park, marking a stride toward a sustainable future for Zambia’s communities and their environment. Learn more about COMACO’s work by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Comaco

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