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A student works on the blackboard at a primary school in Balaka district, Malawi. Photo credit: Veronica Mwale/Oxfam in Southern Africa.

Transforming education, transforming lives in Southern Africa with Oxfam Australia

Supporting girls to stay in school is essential in the fight against child marriage and pregnancy, gender-based violence, and economic inequity.

Our partnership with Oxfam Australia is investing in girls’ education in Malawi and Zimbabwe to create safe and inclusive learning environments for adolescent girls, young women, and children in vulnerable situations. Working alongside governments and local communities, Oxfam is rolling out essential learning resources, improving access to sexual and reproductive health services, installing girl-friendly toilets, and establishing social support networks for mothers and girls.

Oxfam’s approach challenges and changes the conditions that limit girls’ educational opportunities, working towards a more equitable world where every child has the chance to learn, grow and thrive. Learn more about Oxfam in Malawi and Zimbabwe at their website.

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Save the Children

Judith Neilson Foundation. Save the kids partner. Lydia-Hussein,-10,-is-a-student-at-Namitembo-Primary-School-in-Zomba-District-where-malaria-testing-is-being-made-available

Save the Children Australia’s teacher-led malaria defence in Malawi

In Malawi, ranked among the top 20 countries for the highest rates of malaria, around 2 million school children experience this disease every year, endangering their health and disrupting their education. Save the Children Australia is working with the Malawi Government and local educators to introduce healthcare into classrooms, focusing on the management of uncomplicated malaria cases and other basic health concerns during school hours.

Concentrating on schools in vulnerable areas in Zomba and Machinga districts, our partnership will equip an additional 600 teachers to diagnose and treat malaria using Learner Treatment Kits, safeguarding 220,000 students across 150 schools. By striving for a 30% reduction in malaria-related illnesses, we’re integrating health services with education and mobilising community and government support. This initiative is a critical step towards reducing malaria’s impact on children’s health and education in Malawi, ensuring they have the opportunity to attend school and thrive.

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Plan International Australia: Supporting Ugandan Girls in Crises

Dominic & Prossy-Participants in the Parenting Under pressure program under AGIC project. Photo credit Plan International Australia
Dominic & Prossy-Participants in the Parenting Under pressure program under AGIC project. Photo credit Plan International Australia

In Uganda’s refugee settlements and neighbouring communities, girls and young women face significant challenges such as child marriage, pregnancy, and gender-based violence. In partnership with Plan International Australia, the Supporting Ugandan Girls in Crises initiative is supporting vulnerable women and girls in the Adjumani district by unlocking opportunities for economic growth, improving access to maternal and sexual health services, and nurturing positive cultural norms within their communities. It’s an approach that addresses immediate needs and aims to drive long-term societal change.

By strengthening community resilience and working for sustainable change, our partnership with Plan Australia aims to create a brighter, more equitable future for these girls and young women. For more details about Plan Australia’s impactful work in Uganda, please visit their website.

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King George IV Centre: Advancing inclusive education in Zimbabwe

In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the King George VI Centre is bringing equitable access to quality education to students with disabilities.

The King George IV School integrates disabled and non-disabled students, providing a vocational curriculum that nurtures independence and self-reliance to shift societal norms. We are proud to partner with King George VI Centre and share in their vision of integrating and promoting disability inclusion in the education sector. To learn more, visit their website

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MasiSports: Fostering community through sport

In the Masiphumelele township of Cape Town, MasiSports is harnessing the transformative power of sport and culture in schools to invest in young people.

MasiSports integrates sports and life skills into school programs to strengthen community bonds and promote gender and racial equity. Their approach fosters resilience and confidence in children and teenagers, helping them to make positive choices and unlock new opportunities for a prosperous future. To discover more about MasiSports’ impactful work in Masiphumelele, visit their website.

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Cape Town Opera

Cape Town Opera makes a rich contribution to South African culture and national identity, with a commitment to community and inclusion. Its Arts Access for All initiative brings performances to diverse audiences, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, schools, and older people. The National Schools Program takes concerts across South Africa, and focuses on music education and mentorship for young people from rural and township areas.

The Judith Neilson Foundation believes in the transformative power of the arts and culture. Our partnership with Cape Town Opera shares a commitment to fostering inclusive community development and enhancing community resilience. For more information, visit Cape Town Opera’s website.  

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