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Flushed with success: Fresh Life’s dry toilet innovation hits Kenya and Zambia

Flushed with success: Fresh Life's dry toilet innovation hits Kenya and Zambia

In the densely populated informal settlements of Kenya and Zambia, where access to water and power is unreliable, toilets are critically scarce. Hand in hand with communities, Fresh Life is expanding its network of innovative waterless toilets in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lusaka, Zambia.   
Designed to operate without water or power, Fresh Life Toilets use a container-based dry technology to ensure that waste is securely contained, collected, transported, and treated & disposed of. Installed by young locals employed by Fresh Life, the toilets become shared facilities within the community, managed and maintained by residents as small enterprises, keeping money within the local economy.  
Operating in busy market centres, residential areas and schools, Fresh Life Toilets are reducing diarrheal diseases, encouraging students to attend school, and providing safe facilities for women and girls after dark.

Hear more from Penina Atieno, a mother and landlord, talking about her decision to become a Fresh Life Toilet operator marking a turning point in her life.  

Video: Fresh Life

Country: Kenya; Zambia  

Theme: Economic equity; Health

Partner: Fresh Life

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