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Fresh Life

In the densely populated informal settlements of Kenya and Zambia, where reliable access to water and power is a challenge, toilets are critically scarce. Without proper sanitation facilities, diarrheal diseases spread, students are deterred from attending school, and women and girls face risks leaving their homes after dark. Together with local communities, Fresh Life is expanding its network of innovative toilets in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lusaka, Zambia.

Fresh Life Toilets are installed by young locals employed by Fresh Life, and become shared facilities that are managed and maintained by local residents as small enterprises. Designed to operate without water or power, the toilets use a container-based dry technology to ensure that waste is securely contained, collected, transported, and treated & disposed of. Led by community need, Fresh Life Toilets are operating in residential areas, busy market centres and schools to improve hygiene and safety, resulting in higher school attendance rates. For more details about Fresh Life’s impactful work and technology, visit their website.

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ygap: Empowering entrepreneurs in Kenya and South Africa

ygap works at forefront of economic empowerment in Kenya and South Africa, investing in the power of local entrepreneurs. ygap makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get capital, particularly those led by women and operating in rural areas.

ygap supports businesses by helping to grow the skills and resources they need to create jobs and attract investment. This is particularly important for women-owned businesses, and ensuring local business practices are sustainable. We are proud to work in partnership with ygap and share their commitment to reducing economic inequality through inclusive growth. To learn more about ygap and its impact, visit their website.

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