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Refugee Advice & Casework Service

Judith Neilson foundation partners: Refugee Advice & Casework Service

People seeking asylum are among the most vulnerable in Australia’s legal system. The Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) exists to ensure they are afforded fair and equal access to justice. As a community legal centre, RACS offers free legal advice, assistance and representation for financially disadvantaged and vulnerable people seeking asylum in Australia.

Our partnership invests in the ‘Women at Risk’ initiative, aimed at providing specialised legal advice to women and their children seeking asylum, with an emphasis on women experiencing or at risk of domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, to secure their safety and rights. The aim is to help them find safety and protection in Australia.

The Judith Neilson Foundation is proud to partner with RACS, and shares in their vision to achieve justice and dignity with and for refugees through the Women at Risk initiative.

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World Vision Australia

Michael Ejuku, a nutritionist at Iceme Health Centre III.
Michael Ejuku, a nutritionist at Iceme Health Centre III. Photo credit: Damalie Mukama Natukunda, Fred Ouma.

Health and Nutrition for All in Uganda with World Vision Australia

World Vision Australia’s Health and Nutrition for All initiative, in collaboration with the Ugandan Ministry of Health, is dedicated to strengthening maternal and child health care, improving clean water and sanitation infrastructure, and fostering nutritional awareness in communities across Uganda.

Aligned with local health providers, our initiative collaborates to support the critical first 1000 days of a child’s life, with a primary goal of significantly reducing preventable diseases and malnutrition through integrated health and nutrition services.

In addition to providing support to households affected by disabilities to adopt appropriate nutrition plans, this initiative is strengthening the capacity of local health services to provide tailored support to individuals with disabilities. By focusing on local solutions with local leadership, World Vision Australia is addressing critical health needs and cultivating healthier communities for generations to come. Discover more about World Vision Australia on their website.

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Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre

At the heart of Sydney’s grassroots response to supporting women transitioning from prison stands the Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC). This leading trauma-informed service provides crisis support, accommodation, and wrap-around support to some of Sydney’s most vulnerable women and their children. In addition to providing immediate aid, WAGEC confronts broader issues such as domestic violence, homelessness and gender inequality, with the goal of securing safe futures for women and their families. 

Through our partnership, WAGEC has launched the FROM NOW program. FROM NOW is a new approach to supporting women exiting prison, with special support for pregnant women or those with children, guiding them towards safety and stability. We value our collaboration with WAGEC and encourage you to explore their powerful work by visiting their website.

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The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety

Steered by a passionate commitment to supporting women experiencing economic abuse, the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety advocates for social, service and system change to advance women’s economic safety in Australia. Our partnership has launched the Sydney Money Clinics, a safe space for women experiencing domestic and family violence to access free financial guidance.

Our collaboration with the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety reflects our shared vision of fostering an environment where women can rebuild their lives with dignity, for a future of financial independence. Discover more about Centre for Women’s Economic Safety and the Sydney Money Clinics by visiting their website.


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ReLove understands the profound difference between providing shelter and furnishing a home where families can thrive and heal. ReLove’s goal is to help vulnerable women leaving crisis accommodation to establish a long-term home, ensuring that women, especially First Nations, refugees, and new migrants, along with their children, receive the dignified support they deserve.

Our collaboration with ReLove resonates deeply with the Judith Neilson Foundation’s commitment to empower vulnerable women and their families – especially those grappling with homelessness, domestic violence, and the ripple effects of the criminal justice system. Explore the incredible journey of ReLove by visiting their website.

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The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit is an innovative fashion label with a difference, committed to supporting refugee women to kick-start their careers and find their feet in Australia. Through specialised sewing and retail training programs, The Social Outfit helps women develop essential work skills, prepares them for employment, and builds meaningful community connections.

Their ethical and sustainable clothing collections celebrate and showcase the skills, creativity and strengths of refugee and new migrant women across Western Sydney and Sydney’s Inner West. Explore The Social Outfit’s journey and the extraordinary impact they make by visiting their website


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Success Works

Success Works believes a criminal record should never be viewed as an automatic disqualification for employment. Their new Beyond Barriers program is dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable women with criminal records in securing meaningful employment, focusing particularly on those who face long-term unemployment after incarceration.

Beyond Barriers works with single mothers, survivors of violence, and women contending with the stigma of a criminal record. The program offers essential tools and practical support for a new start. For more information about the impactful work of Success Works and the Beyond Barriers program, visit their website.

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Anti-Slavery Australia

Anti-Slavery Australia is committed to ending modern slavery Australia, providing survivors with support and access to legal and migration advice. Modern slavery in Australia is a hidden issue, but it’s estimated more than 40,000 people live in modern slavery across the country, affected by human trafficking, slavery or forced marriage. Anti-Slavery Australia also drives systemic reform, helping to shape anti-slavery laws in NSW and across the country.

The Judith Neilson Foundation values our partnership with Anti-Slavery Australia, whose work empowers survivors to build positive futures. Please visit Anti-Slavery Australia’s website to learn more about their important work.

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Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group was founded twenty years ago, united by the vision of a compassionate Australia where people seeking refuge and asylum are treated with justice and compassion. Run entirely by volunteers, Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group offers friendship and practical support for refugees and people seeking asylum across Western Sydney.

Their work supports refugees to thrive, not just survive as they develop their own skills, activities and businesses, educate the community about refugee issues, and advocate for just and compassionate policies at all levels of government.

We are proud of our partnership with Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group, and encourage you to learn more about their work by visiting their website

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Two Good Co.

Through the creation of beautiful, high-quality food and products, Two Good Co. support, empower and employ women with lived experience of domestic violence and homelessness, hiring the women from the shelters they donate to and empowering them to re-establish their self-belief and independence.

Our partnership with Two Good Co. helps to support women and girls who are experiencing intersecting disadvantage to be safe, thrive and contribute to a just and prosperous society. We invite you to learn more about their incredible work by visiting their website.

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